Our Philosophy


At HC3, we believe that climate change is the most dire threat actively jeopardizing lives and well-being around the globe.

We believe science & engineering are incredibly powerful tools to help fight climate change.

We acknowledge that technology alone is not the answer; it must be accompanied by political action and long-term cultural shifts. This is why we invest at least 2% of profits into a political action group and encourage our employees to be civically active.

We fight capitalism with capitalism: sustainable products aren't more appealing because they're "green", they're more appealing because they waste less, cost less, are more effective, and keep us healthier.

We fight not for polar bears or ice caps or honey bees, but because we want to preserve our way of life. This is for us: our families, our friends, and our futures.

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Founding Team



Jon McKay – Chief Executive Officer


Jon co-founded Technical Machine out of Olin College of Engineering in 2013. Technical Machine shipped Tessel, a hardware IoT development platform made accessible to web developers. Technical Machine shipped more than 10k products and earned over $1MM in revenue. He has spoken at dozens of events around the world about his efforts to make hardware development easier. Jon founded HC3 Energy in 2017 to make energy storage more affordable for homeowners and to accelerate the adoption of renewables.


Charles Jurczynski – Chief Commercialization Officer


Charles is an experienced renewable energy development and finance professional. He has worked on large-scale solar and energy storage transactions on both buy- and sell-side at Lightsource Renewable Energy and Low Carbon, two of the leading renewable energy project developers in Europe. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and went on to complete his Masters in Management from London Business School.



Are you yearning to work on an urgent, globally-relevant challenge? Drop us a line. We're always looking for talented business people, product designers, and engineers to join our growing roster. We place a strong emphasis on work-life balance, diversity amongst the team, and an independent work ethic.