By charging from the grid and solar systems when energy prices are cheap and providing energy to your house when it's expensive, our batteries can save you thousands of dollars. 




Keep your lights on, fridge running, and internet connected even when the rest of the block goes dark. Our batteries can provide you energy storage during those times of year when blackouts are more likely to occur.




Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for a battery, pay for our storage service with a portion of your monthly energy savings. Receive the battery for free and start saving money from day one. When the battery needs replacing, we'll replace it for free.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of the battery that I'll receive?

We purchase our batteries from vendors like Mercedez Benz, Tesla, and Sonnen. The exact model and specifications of battery that you'll receive depend on many factors like how much energy you use and your location. Don't worry, we'll make sure you get paired with the best battery for your situation.

What are the dimensions of the battery that I'll receive

As mentioned in the previous answer, the exact model of battery you'll receive depends on several factors but, in general, most batteries are about the volume of a kitchen cabinet. Batteries are typically placed in garages, sheds, or on an outside wall.


If HC3 provides batteries for no cost, how do you make money?

HC3 earns recurring revenue from several different sources. In addition to splitting the money saved through rate arbitrage (charging when energy is cheap and discharging when expensive) with the homeowner or tenant, HC3 also aggregates hundreds of batteries in a geographic area to participate in grid-level services.

Do I need to have solar to make use of a battery?

No, you don't. Folks with solar will generally see higher savings on their energy bill but we can still charge the battery with cheaper grid energy for homeowners or tenants without solar.


Will I need to tell the battery when to charge or dischargE

No, our software does that for you automatically. In fact, HC3 will need to retain full control over the operations of the battery at all times in order to provide our service. Homeowners and tenants will not have the ability to control the battery. 

Will I need to pay to maintain the battery?

No, you will have no ongoing operations or maintenance costs. HC3 will retain full ownership of the battery and take responsibility for any costs that occur with respect to maintenance or service. As a homeowner or tenant, you will have no responsibility to keep the battery running, that's our job. 


How long will the battery be able to provide backup power?

Ideally, the battery will be able to provide power to your house for several hours in case of a grid outage (the average outage in California is 3.5 hours). We cannot guarantee a duration because it depends on the amount of charge in the battery just before the outage and the energy demand of your building which varies by homeowner/tenant.

Will I need to change my utility rate plan?

Potentially - all customers of HC3 will need to enroll in their utilities' time-of-use plan if they are not enrolled in it already. After 2019, all residents in California will automatically be switched over to this plan. We are currently only providing service to customers in California.