Our philosophy

HC3’s solutions are designed to connect you to your customers.
Our key solutions are document design, digital delivery, and print delivery. From our primary solutions, we offer additional services that enable you to further enhance your customer statement experience.


Document design

Connecting intuitive design to an elevated brand experience.

We design customer communications, like bank statements, that both reinforce your brand identity and communicate key financial data.

Our innovative bank statement redesign allows for:

  • On demand color printing alleviates pre-printed custom paper
  • Vibrant color to enhance visual identification 
  • Clear customer focal points with the use of icons/images
  • Account summary to highlight key data and enhance readability
  • Single line transaction detail
  • Managed whitespace area(s) for marketing messages
  • Data hygiene standardization
  • Address hygiene
Your brand
Targeted messaging
Clear customer focal points
Single line transaction detail
Icons consistent with the digital experience

Additional design solutions

Smart Campaign Manager

Take control over managing and deploying targeted campaigns

Mobile Payments

Bridge the gap between document delivery and digital payments


Digital delivery

Connecting statements to a cohesive digital experience.

HC3’s eStatement solution is easy to enroll, access, and engage with, while also providing a statement designed with a digital experience in mind.

With HC3’s digital statement interface the customer can intuitively navigate through various document types, search transaction history, and manage their document repository.

  • Single Sign-On or API integration to provide seamless experience with digital banking
  • Flexible enrollment to drive adoption
  • Preference management
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Granted proxy access
  • Search and filter capabilities
  • Individual or bulk document or transaction download
  • Transaction search across all documents and accounts
  • Email notifications
  • Text notifications
  • Notifications with targeted messaging

Additional print and mail solutions

Double postcard

Significantly reduce postage costs

Open window envelope

Message customers before they open the envelope

Mail tracking

Track mail pieces from HC3 to the final branch before delivery

Return mail

Eliminate physical return mail processing

HC3 Connect

Connecting you to customer insights.

With that comes the ability to access job tracking, reporting, and client ticketing. If you leverage our document repository and access to our Smart Campaign Manager, they are available through this interface.

Through HC3’s administrative interface, the internal FI user can perform system configurations for customer service, research and dashboards, oversight functions and audit tracking.

  • Active directory
  • Access configurable role-based permissions
  • Manage FI internal user access
  • Sub-organization options for granular permissions
  • FI user and customer audit trails
  • Transaction search across all documents and accounts
  • Access job tracking for print and digital workflows
  • Link to client ticketing
  • Link to Smart Campaign Manager
  • Notification management
  • Document archive and retrieval tool
  • Custom reporting
  • Options for long term storage
  • Track customer digital enrollment statistics
HC3 Connect