HC3 Solar

Sales-ready lead purchasing for rooftop solar

HC3 Solar provides leads who are already sold on one of your specific bids. Leads we bring to you will be educated on your products, familiar with financing options, and ready to make a rooftop solar purchase.

Benefits of leads from HC3 Solar:

  • Easier quotes: dealers receive complete customer information in a standardized format
  • Save sales team’s time: eliminate the need for unnecessary house visits, emails, calls, or texts with high-touch customers
  • Increased revenue: new leads from outside the traditional solar sales funnel (see below)
  • Cheaper customer acquisition costs: lower fee than traditional channels like TV or radio

Leads from outside your sales funnels

HC3 Solar uses proprietary software algorithms to identify underserved markets by geography and customer demographics. This helps us source leads who wouldn’t otherwise enter the solar sales funnel.

We also source leads through word of mouth who are frustrated with traditional solar sales pitches or who want a trusted, independent 3rd party to guide them through the process.

Holistic product matching: quality, not just cost

HC3 Solar works with the lead to understand their needs: financial situation, aesthetic preferences, preferences on premium vs. cheaper products, etc., as well as the technical and power needs of the lead’s home

  • HC3 Solar collects solar installation quotes from various dealers on the lead’s behalf
  • HC3 Solar analyzes the quotes for match with the lead’s qualitative and cash flow needs, creating an executive summary with recommendations
  • The lead reviews options with HC3 Solar and selects a product and financing option
  • HC3 Solar introduces the lead to the solar dealer they have chosen, to complete the sale

Price structure

HC3 Solar collects a flat fee from solar dealers upon referral of the lead to the dealer. There are no other fees or charges to the dealer.

HC3 Solar only collects quotes from dealers with strong reputations for quality and service. We do not solicit quotes from dealers who use subcontractors for installation.

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