Solar, the smart way:
Let us negotiate the best deal for you.

Solar can be a great deal. But the best deal takes research, comparison, and negotiation.

Our customers save an average of $6,000 on quality solar bids.

The HC3 Solar Process: 

 You answer a few questions

1. You answer a few questions about your electricity usage, your roof, and your financial situation.

2. We get in touch with installers and collect quotes on your behalf (without getting you on any call lists).

 We calculate the best option

3. We analyze the quotes and crunch the numbers to figure out which quote, if any, is best for you. See an example report.

4. At your convenience, we sit down to discuss our report with the top quote recommendations and answer any questions.

5. You decide which option, if any, fits you best. If you choose to invest in solar, we'll then introduce you to the installer.

What does this service cost?


If we figure out that solar doesn’t make sense for you, we’ll tell you. You can walk away.

If solar looks like a good fit, we’ll search across providers and products to find your best deal, for free. When you make a decision, we collect a referral fee directly from the installer you choose.

Get the best deal on solar, without the hassle. Email us to get started:

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If you include your average monthly electric use (in kWh and $, from your bill), and your utility provider, we'll respond with a sanity check on solar for you

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