Batteries at Their Full Potential

HC3 Batteries are more intelligent and efficient.


Fully utilized technical capacity

Most residential batteries use only 50% of their useful capacity¹. This means you’re paying thousands of dollars for a battery that’s not giving you its full value.

HC3 Batteries can use up to 97% of their capacity– bringing down the cost of home energy storage by selling timely services to the grid.

How HC3 Batteries Stabilize the Grid

Batteries in your home work with other HC3 Batteries in your area to keep additional power plants from being turned on when demand is high.

HC3 Batteries sell services back to the grid, working for you, your local infrastructure, and your planet.

The services are microtransactions– so small and fast that you won't notice them. But all of the HC3 Battery fleet working together makes a big impact on the efficiency and reliability of the grid.