Join Our Beta Testing Program

We're looking for homeowners and apartment tenants interested in helping us build out and polish our service. We'll install a battery for free at your home or apartment (with your landlord's permission) in exchange for the opportunity to improve our algorithms with your energy data. We'll request your feedback about our service on occasion to make sure we're building something that you really love. Best of all, we'll save you money each month on your electricity bills.



Free installation of A battery in your home

Backup Power in case of grid outage

save 20%-30% on your energy bills


We will be hand selecting and notifying applicants with a diverse set of energy consumption profiles and expect to begin the process of installation in November through December of 2017. We are focused on California residents for the time being but feel free to submit the application if you're from a different state and we'll reach out as we expand our operations.

If you have any questions, please email us


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